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April 29th  2017

McMinnville, TN

 Proud to be located in the heart of middle America. 

To ride a horse is to ride the sky. ~Author Unknown


Graphic Design: Logos, Business Cards, Postcards, Banners, Flyers.

      Design Fees:


  • This is an artwork fee, Got Print will charge their fee to print!
  • Prices for print ready templates from Got Print. I have personally used Got Print for many business cards, postcards, etc and recommend them. This is for a Photoshop/Jpeg/Tiff template from them, and I do not guarantee it for any other Commercial printer. Items like flyers can easily be printed from these files on home printers.
  • $20 - Business Card
  • $30 - Postcard with Front/Back
  • $30 - Flyer
  • I will do any of the other things GotPrint offers, consult with me on price.
      Other Items:


  • $20 - Logo for website/stationery.
  • $30 - Embroidery for shirts, etc, this is for a Vector(resizeable) based graphic, most embroidery places will take, there may be a SIGNIFICANT charge for converting from this to their stitch based file need, a few online offer this for free with minimum order.

Examples of Flyers, Business Cards, etc, that I have designed. Click on any picture to open a slideshow with descriptions of work.





















Design Prices

$800 Simple Site

$1200 eCom Lite

$2000 eCommerce
or Directory Site

$5/mo Regular
$20/mo Large