I am looking for new opportunities with a company, maybe even your company! I am searching for a full-time, long term career position in graphic, motion, and/or layout design.  I can start work in one week and interview immediately. Please see this website and also my portfolio website for a large selection of my work. Thank you!


Its been a busy time with websites. One of my latest specialty sites is, this is a custom eCommerce site. It has unlimited customer accounts, unlimited products, SSL for security, special Fedex shipping calculations, and a custom design according to the client’s needs.  You can have a site like this, just contact me at

ATTENTION! The 3D Palette will be in attendance at Rolex this year! I am volunteering in the vet box on Saturday afternoon. Please stop by and say hi!  I plan on being at Rolex on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can bet I will post again after with many pictures and great stories of my time at Rolex. See you at the event!

The 3D Palette has a new design and focus! I wish to specialize more in eCommerce with a modern feel, so my new design is mobile friendly.  New items to be added each day!

Another 4 Star Rolex event and it was super exciting to watch on I hope to maybe attend next year and cheer on all the riders. In the mean time, it is time now to get my own horses going. More on that soon!

I am branching out into more non-profits. My latest is a custom CMS website for the Childrens Advocacy Center for the 32st Judicial District. Their mission is to hep children that are suffering from neglect or abuse.  Visit their site,

As much as I love my work, I do take off occasionally to play. Yesterday I took my daughter to Greystone Equestrian Center to watch the dressage championships. Lovely horses and a fun day!

Greystone Equestrian Center 11-11-2012

Greystone Equestrian Center 11-11-2012

Greystone Equestrian Center 11-11-2012

So busy these days, I have 2 new sites, a country singer and a medical parts supplier. I also have another 2 new sites with my outside website design company, a corporate training site and a lawyer site.  Links coming soon as final designs come online. Have I mentioned in the last 5 minutes that I love to design sites? I surely do!

We have our President for the next 4 years, President Obama. Gah, I am so glad that is over. Can we now go on with our lives and work again to build America back up? Suggestions: Buy local food from local farmers. Buy crafts and products from local people as gifts. Donate to charity in lew of gifts. Keep the money in your area as much as possible. Help a local women’s or animal shelter. Stock up on food and emergency needs. Buy a hen or 2. Grow some tomatoes and green beans in pots in your house. Put up a small green house if you can. Pay off your debts. Don’t expect anyone to save you. America used to be about hard, hard, hard work, so let’s get to work. These things will do more for our lives in America that what either President says he will do or does.