Did you know that I am now offering a new service. VIP SERVICE!   I have noticed a need by some of my clients for large and involved sites.  These site help my clients increase their sales, keep rentals rented, and spread awareness of causes.  Please see my VIP page  for all the information!

VIP sites are for:

  • Barns, businesses, and organizations that need a large, media heavy site with more than 20 pages.
  • A need for updates as often as once a day or a couple times a week.
  • A need for social networking accounts and admin of those accounts
  • Larger hosting to support the extra size and media.
  • A need for intensive planning and analysis to discover how best to serve the business needs.


I have so many new sites, I am grateful to all my clients.  I think I am most proud of my latest ones, not because of any of my great work, but because of what they are.

 The first one is This site is for the Tennessee Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Foundation, they help people all over Tennessee with deadly bleeding Disorders.

The second one is This site is for Rescued and Adopted Pets in Tennessee. Proceeds go to help animal rescues in Tennessee.

I am so happy to be a part of 2 sites that make a difference and help people and animals that need help in my home state of Tennessee.

Happy New Year!  My new year’s gift to myself is that my horse is coming home! She will be here Friday, the 6th.  I am busy altering the barn to get ready for her arrival.  I also have been super busy because I have lots of new clients!   I am so happy at how my business is going and how my life just improves every single day. To say that I am blessed is an understatement, I am humbled, awed, and amazed at the blessings of each day that have been gifted to me. Thank you Lord!

Hopefully, Velvet will be coming home by the end of the week.  In the mean time, it is a flurry of activity here, new websites, adjusting the barn to hold both horses, the holiday craziness!

Her new name is Red Velvet Rainbow.  She will be on her way home soon! I can’t wait.

So I had to rescue Rubie, or She’s Rainbow. She was at an auction house in New Jersey, and didn’t sell in the regular sale, she was scheduled to be open for the kill buyers to buy her and send her to slaughter. I couldn’t let that happen so I appealed to all my Facebook friends for any help to get this mare. I am happy to say that old and new friends came forward with shipping away from the auction, help to buy this mare, and shipping and a month long stay at a quarantine barn in Pennsylvania. In the middle of December, my new mare will be headed here to me, her final and permanant home.  Now, all I need is a new name! 

Sunset Rainbow

Lunar Rainbow

Lunar Sunset

Red Velvet Rainbow

Redbud Rainbow

and whatever others I can think of!

It is close to the 10th aniversary of September 11, the day that a lot of us, as Americans, lost our feeling of safety, our feeling of removal from the terrorism that rules many parts of the world.  The all out attack on our soil is indeliably printed on many of our minds.  But, we can’t let it scare us, or make us stop being and living as PROUD AMERICANS.  We all need to stand up every day, not just on 9-11, and say, “I am proud to be an American!”  The 3D Palette supports our troops, our Country, and is proudly owned and worked right here in the Southern Heartland.  I support all businesses that are PROUD to be Americans!

A mother does not laugh when she gets away with murder. A mother does not party while her child lays rotting in a jungle. A mother doesn’t wait 31 days to report her child is missing. A mother doesn’t lie and obstruct officials looking for her child. Are you a mother? Then hug your child and love them today, teach them right, teach them to have a conscience, teach them right from wrong.  It starts with us, the moms, the dads, we need to stand up and teach our children right!

So, I am in the middle of trying to train my 2 year old mare to accept all those things that make a good adult horse.  My goal is to actually mount her this summer, although of course she is so young that the only thing I will be doing is getting on, walking around a few steps, and getting off. Serious riding doesn’t start until after she is 3. Or at least it shouldn’t unless you want a broke down horse by the time they are 10. I want Bella to be sound as possible her whole life, so she is allowed as much time as she wants to just be a horse, she spends no time in a stall, as I feel this is not healthy.  Bella has fabulous movement, I would hope that in the future we can go to dressage shows and have a great life together!

I have just taken on 3 new websites. I can’t wait to unveil them.  A big shout out to all my clients, many of whom are now friends. I love doing sites and helping people with their businesses!  My sites are now generating actual cash for clients!   Have a product and want to sell it online? I can help!