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I am looking for new opportunities with a company, maybe even your company! I am searching for a full-time, long term career position in graphic, motion, and/or layout design.  I can start work in one week and interview immediately. Please see this website and also my portfolio website for a large selection of my work. Thank you!

PORTFOLIO WEBSITE www.heathersalamone.com

We have our President for the next 4 years, President Obama. Gah, I am so glad that is over. Can we now go on with our lives and work again to build America back up? Suggestions: Buy local food from local farmers. Buy crafts and products from local people as gifts. Donate to charity in lew of gifts. Keep the money in your area as much as possible. Help a local women’s or animal shelter. Stock up on food and emergency needs. Buy a hen or 2. Grow some tomatoes and green beans in pots in your house. Put up a small green house if you can. Pay off your debts. Don’t expect anyone to save you. America used to be about hard, hard, hard work, so let’s get to work. These things will do more for our lives in America that what either President says he will do or does.

Happy New Year!  My new year’s gift to myself is that my horse is coming home! She will be here Friday, the 6th.  I am busy altering the barn to get ready for her arrival.  I also have been super busy because I have lots of new clients!   I am so happy at how my business is going and how my life just improves every single day. To say that I am blessed is an understatement, I am humbled, awed, and amazed at the blessings of each day that have been gifted to me. Thank you Lord!

It is close to the 10th aniversary of September 11, the day that a lot of us, as Americans, lost our feeling of safety, our feeling of removal from the terrorism that rules many parts of the world.  The all out attack on our soil is indeliably printed on many of our minds.  But, we can’t let it scare us, or make us stop being and living as PROUD AMERICANS.  We all need to stand up every day, not just on 9-11, and say, “I am proud to be an American!”  The 3D Palette supports our troops, our Country, and is proudly owned and worked right here in the Southern Heartland.  I support all businesses that are PROUD to be Americans!

A mother does not laugh when she gets away with murder. A mother does not party while her child lays rotting in a jungle. A mother doesn’t wait 31 days to report her child is missing. A mother doesn’t lie and obstruct officials looking for her child. Are you a mother? Then hug your child and love them today, teach them right, teach them to have a conscience, teach them right from wrong.  It starts with us, the moms, the dads, we need to stand up and teach our children right!

So, right now we have 7 dogs: 3 beagley types, 1 pit bully type, 1 beagley relative dog that belongs to my mother,  and 2 great pyrennes that we got to guard the goats that will be here in 2 weeks. Too many dogs as the relative dog and the pit bully dog can’t be out together, and is trying to start fights with the Pyrs. Hopefully, in a few days, the one dog will go home, the pit will learn to get along, and all will be quiet again.

Hi. This is my new blog where I will talk about that which is so important to me, horses! And maybe some other stuff too.